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Your patient journey with ReMind UK

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Patients are usually referred to ReMind UK by their GP with a suspicion of memory problems. The GP may conduct blood tests before referral to check over other potential causes of memory problems. The GP may also order a head CT scan. ReMind UK is now accepting private referrals also.

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ReMind UK checks for test results and orders any that are missing when you visit the memory clinic. There, we ask patients to undertake cognitive (thinking process) testing and we take a medical history from you and anyone who comes with you to the appointment.

icon diagnosis

The memory clinic assessment allows us to come to a view of a likely diagnosis and suggest treatment where appropriate.

icon follow up

If we prescribe medication, we follow up to ensure you are settled on the optimal dose before returning you to the care of your GP. We also follow up with patients who have mild memory problems if we suspect it may get worse in the future and they may develop dementia.

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Patients with a diagnosis of dementia are introduced to a dementia support worker who will provide follow up in the community. Both patients and carers can attend ReMind UK’s support sessions to boost cognition and wellbeing. ReMind UK’s new Guide to Living Well with Dementia is a one stop shop for expert advice and local services in Bath and Northeast Somerset.

Patients with a diagnosis of dementia are introduced to a dementia support worker. This may include help with applying for benefits and entitlements, signposting to care agencies and community groups such as day centres and Singing for the Brain. As well as support for carers. They are employed by the Alzheimer’s Society, but work alongside ReMind UK.

We encourage patients with a dementia diagnosis to attend one of our support sessions to stimulate memory and live well with dementia.

Once their time at the Memory Clinic is complete, patients may choose to join a research study at ReMind UK or they may be discharged back to the care of their GP.

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