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Research Institute for Brain Health


ReMind UK has been delivering cutting edge research into conditions of older age for over two decades. We were involved in the clinical trials for all four of the medications currently prescribed for dementia in the UK today.

We continue to deliver a broad range of pioneering research activities ranging from multi year clinical treatment trials to shorter lifestyle based or outcome specific studies looking to improve quality of life for older people. Some of our research projects run over several years and through multiple phases and might involve over-night stays.  Others involve just short questionnaires or blood pressure testing which can take a matter of minutes or hours.


ReMind UK aims to enable anyone wanting to take part in research to enter a project which works for them. We are one of the few centres in the country with the level of expertise and required facilities to lead phase one and phase two novel treatment studies. Our staff are highly trained to care for older people and have the skills and experience needed to safely and efficiently manage treatment procedures, and over-night stays, putting those with a diagnosis first and in the best hands. ReMind UK is training the next generation of researchers, doctors and psychologists. We offer opportunities for PhD students, medical students and masters students to work in our memory services and research studies alongside our experienced staff team.

ReMind UK are currently delivering several cutting edge research trials and studies looking at brain function, the immune system, potential treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and managing dementia.

Over the past ten years ReMind UK has participated in thirty two clinical drug trials and twenty research studies into the affects of dementia and conditions of older age.

ReMind UK offers NHS and private referrals to our Memory Services and Research studies. Find out more about eligibility criteria and how to refer someone to ReMind UK.

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