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Living Well with Dementia course

LivDem is a 10-week programme for people newly diagnosed with dementia which often results in improved outcomes. One of the best ways to help people live well with dementia is to help them talk about their experiences and how they feel.

During the programme attendees learn about:

  • What memory is
  • How to improve memory
  • What dementia is
  • Treatments available for dementia
  • with dementia

Carers are welcome to stay at the ReMind centre and spend time talking to other carers while the course is happening.

Aims of the LivDem course

  1. For participants to feel better about themselves. A higher level of self-esteem helps people to deal with change.
  2. For participants to have a better quality of life. When people have more confidence they are able to be more patient with themselves and those around them.
  3. For participants to be more able to accept their dementia. The group is a safe place for people to share their experiences and meet others in similar circumstances to them.
  4. For participants to more easily talk to their family and friends about having dementia.

“The 10-week course was very sensitively planned and run”

“I was impressed by the skilful manner in which each individual was encouraged to feel comfortable and ready to participate.”

LivDem Course Participants 2023

We also offer Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for those living with dementia and support for carers too. Our courses are only possible thanks to generous charitable donations to ReMind.

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