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We fundraise to provide support to people and their families after their memory problem or dementia has been diagnosed, which can be a difficult time for all.

We offer in-house support courses and group sessions which complement the care and treatment we provide and help people to live as well as they can with their memory problem or dementia.

A seven-week programme for people with mild to moderate dementia to stimulate memory in an interactive and engaging way. Attendees are taught activities and strategies to improve their memory in a group setting.

A ten week-course for people newly diagnosed with dementia, providing a place for people to talk about their diagnosis with others in a similar situation. Attendees learn about dementia as well as tips to live as well as possible.

New ten-week programmes for people with dementia or a memory condition to boost wellbeing and make connections. Activities include gentle movement and learning new creative, craft and music skills.

Regular information days, wellbeing sessions and videocalls for people looking after someone with a dementia diagnosis. Spaces for carers to get advice and talk to people who get it.

Come and connect with others at our friendly, creative and casual events! Designed for people with mild-to-moderate dementia and their loved ones.

The handy guide to living well with dementia. A post diagnosis resource for people living with dementia and those who care for them.

These support services are only possible thanks to generous donations from grants and public donors.

External Support

We work with other support services for people living with dementia and their carers to ensure that people visiting ReMind UK are aware of and can access other local services. This includes the local Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Workers, the Carers’ Centre Bath & North East Somerset, and Curo’s Independent Living Service. These services often take part in our support programmes and attend our clinic to offer immediate information to people living with dementia and carers.

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