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James Funnell

James Funnell

“We’re very glad to be supporting a charity that is close to our hearts: we have close relatives who are in varying stages of dementia and it has been difficult watching their gradual decline over the years. As a result, we wanted to choose a dementia charity, one which focussed on both research and care. Furthermore, it was great to see additional work on other neurodegenerative conditions.

I personally was Bath-based as a student at the university (before graduation in 2023) so was aware of the charity already but also wanted to give to a more local charity where there would be a more tangible impact of our donations.

We both wanted to go on a road trip this summer and were looking to do something adventurous. The Poles of Inconvenience combines it all into something genuinely difficult, taking a cheap, rubbish car to places it is totally unsuited for! We are expected to break down many times, likely on treacherous roads where most of these “Poles” are located.”

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